Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

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  • Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

    Who uses these, which brand do you use, and do they work? Thinking of getting one for my boat trailer

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    Never used one, Maybe Tiretyme will see this and jump in.


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      Yes they work.
      Yes they go bad often, especially with salt water seeping into valve core area or around stem seat.
      Do I use them on my trailer? no
      If I had to trailer a long (I mean really, really long) distance on a regular basis I’d probably install them.
      Absolutely would prevent many complete failures by alerting you to a lower pressure where you could possibly complete a roadside repair with a temp plug kit.
      Once a tire gets too low on air, internal heat (temperature) generated becomes much more than the tire is capable of handling and the tire gives way.
      By the time you slow down and get to side of road, the tire is shredded from wheel tearing the sidewall to smithereens.
      If I was making 500+ mile one way trips on a monthly basis, yep they’d be worth a shot.
      I trailer so little my tires dry rot long before even 1/32 of tread is used.
      ‘12 Blackwood - 300 Verado's (for sale)
      '17 Nor-Tech 340 - sold
      '18 Fountain 38 - sold
      ’19 Invincible 36 - 350 Verado’s