Questions about refurbishing a 1987 boat trailer

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  • Questions about refurbishing a 1987 boat trailer

    I have a 15' 1987 Henry O that I'm in the process of refurbishing the trailer for. The trailer has 4 keel rollers which have been replaced. I plan on replacing the leaf springs later this summer as well as the wheel bearings while the boat is in the water for the season. My basic question concerns whether the keel rollers should bear most of the weight of the boat or should the bunks? My understanding is that the bunks are there to provide stability and aren't supposed to be weight bearing. Am I on the right track?
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    Yes, ideally to make boat launch, retrieve easier while hopefully protecting keel.
    If inclined you knock out old races and install new or just buy new hubs ready to mount, your call!
    Best of luck to you, it's always something with boats!


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      If you look at the professional boat transporters, they have little to none in the way of keel rollers. The In / out boat storage racks are purely bunks and they haul and launch the boats with the forklifts, basically a pair of parallel beams.

      I have my Bluewater on just bunk boards. I have a single cross beam pad on a forward member just in case the vee comes in contact during a shallow launch or recovery.

      Like bluewaterposer said though, if the rollers are working, it sure does make it easier...