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  • Goodyear Introduces "Endurance" Radial Trailer Tires, Made in USA - Reviews

    As many of you have already heard, Goodyear recently launched a new radial trailer tire called "Endurance". I stopped by my local Goodyear tire store and was quoted $109 for ST215/75/R14 Load Range D, available late Jan 2017.

    Everyone has their preference, but if anyone has purchased Goodyear Endurance trailer tires, please post your experience. It would help to know the size, and something about your trailer and usage.

    My experience with the current non-USA made Goodyear Marathon trailer tires is not good, but I'm willing to give the new Goodyear Endurance radial trailer tires a chance, even if more expensive, mainly because they're "Made in USA". In the end, with many of us suffering catastrophic trailer tire failures, the success of these new Goodyear Endurance trailer tires will be dependent on actual performance.
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    Usually they forecast production in advance and apparently haven't sold as many Marathon's as anticipated.
    They won't let new tire line sit in warehouse for long.
    Could be they're a few sizes shy in inventory for a complete, or decent rollout?
    Also trying to prevent write-down on existing inventory. A large wholesaler may wind up w/ a great price on a bunch of Marathon's.

    Tires are no different than iPhones, or anything else for that matter as when new products are launched, old product is suddenly ancient technology.
    The Marathon's certainly fit in that category.
    Its also a logistical nightmare getting remaining Marathon's shipped backed to warehouse. Plus tires aren't cheap to ship.
    Guys in stores are often last to know

    Just my thoughts......

    See article from Modern Tire Dealer below-I interpret as limited size offerings at this time.
    ’19 Invincible 36 - 350 Verado’s Sold
    ’20 Invincible 35’ Cat, Quad Verado’s on order
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      I see them at a certain online supplier in various sizes.


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        After this past Thursday, I do not like Marathons.
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          try Cooper or Carlisle


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            I just purchased a set of 4 Goodyear Endurance ST215/75R14 tires to replace my 3 year old Freestar tires (OEM), which had worn somewhat, but started sidewall cracking, despite being garaged. I've never balanced trailer tires, but after 400 miles these new Goodyear Endurance tires run much smoother and quieter on my rig than even when it was new in 2014. The difference is easily heard and felt. I'll update again after additional miles.

            My biggest problem was removing the lug nuts. The OEM lug nuts were 13/16" SS "capped" acorn nuts, which corroded inside the caps and split the caps. My aluminum wheels have lug nut holes that only allow a standard 3/4" lug wrench, so I've always had to use a regular 1/2" drive breaker bar & 13/16" socket. A 7/8" socket would not enter the hole, so I had to hammer the 13/16" socket on the swollen lug nuts, or pry the SS caps off. Replaced all lug nuts with Solid SS Acorn nuts and anti-seize ( choice, just check torque frequently).

            Click image for larger version

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              I use anti seize on studs too, as well as caliper slides. My trailer usually just sits outside and is only used a few times a year. Is that an AmeriTrail? Mine has the OE Freestar tires that need replacing soon.
              ’19 Invincible 36 - 350 Verado’s Sold
              ’20 Invincible 35’ Cat, Quad Verado’s on order
              Fairhope & Orange Beach, AL


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                Yes, AmeraTrail. I ordered the trailer with the "Stainless Steel Package", but the lug nuts were only SS Capped. I'm OK with that, as the trailer has performed well, and AmeraTrail responded beyond my expectations on 2 delivery issues. They even sent me new keel skids for the axles after the warranty expired, no charge.

                I've always replaced standard lug nuts with solid stainless steel acorn lug nuts on boat trailers, but I waited too long in this case. Stainless steel galls easily, so I use anti-seize without exception. Checking torque frequently is required. It's also easy to over-torque a lubricated lug nut, so I use 60 ft-lb setting.

                The OEM Freestar trailer tires were disappointing, with multiple signs of failure after 3 years and about 2,000 miles: sidewall cracking, tread cracking between lugs, lug wear. AmeraTrail verified alignment at their factory. I checked & maintained tire pressure before every trip, and store the rig in a garage. Sunlight should not have been an issue. I'm hopeful the new Goodyear Endurance tires will perform better.
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                  Good to know as I need new tires for my trailer.


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                    Good to know. I have an Ameritrail which I find to be an excellent trailer. It came with freestars which have performed well. I was planning on getting them again. I may look into the goodyears if you guys get good service from them.


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                      So far, I have about 1200 miles on the Goodyear Endurance tires I purchased in late June 2017 (pics above). This includes a trip to Islamorada (pre-Hurricane Irma) from Jacksonville, and several local trips. Although they're only a few months old, I have no issues and am still quite happy with them . I've been monitoring tire pressure constantly and towing carefully to make a fair evaluation.