Vintage trailer - is there a market for this? Anybody?

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  • Vintage trailer - is there a market for this? Anybody?

    Continuing to clean out Dad's hoarder barn. A quick sad story, then a question:

    My grandfather had a beautiful 16-foot Lyman wooden lap-strake runabout back in the day. He, unlike my father, was a skilled machinist, mechanic, and craftsman, and that boat was mint. Grandad died in 1988, and my grandmother, a crazy hoarder (but I repeat myself), eventually ran out of room to store trash in her garage, and began storing trash in Grandad's garage. As it filled, space was needed, so she dragged the Lyman out into the yard, where it filled with leaves, pine needles, and rain, destroying it.

    My dad, another crazy hoarder, ended up with the trailer. Now it's mine. I see two alternatives: drag it to the steel recycling center, or sell it or give it away to someone who would like a period trailer for their 1950's-1960's classic boat. Third alternative, sell it to anyone who needs a cheap trailer for a 16-foot boat.

    The question: is there somewhere that would be good for listing this thing to classic boat owners / restorers?

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      Next week I'll be up there, will post a couple.

      Edit: here's how it looked circa 1965. Heh. We rented a place on Sanibel, parked the boat right on the beach.

      Click image for larger version

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        Don’t know the answer to your questions but here may be a good place to start.

        And I’d love to see more pictures of that boat. Old wooden boats give me stirrings.

        S Central PA


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          Me too!

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          Me as well!