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    Originally posted by SeaDawg3
    Are we saying that torsion axles are bad?.
    seems to be a lot of Chinese tires on trailers.
    I'm certainly not.... I prefer torsion axles.

    Vast majority of trailer tires made today are made in china.

    On top of it, many trailer manufacturers all get their wheels and tires from the same couple distributors. Trailer size & type doesn't matter. Last 5 trailers I've bought, from a boat trailer, 2 enclosed, a 7 ton skid loader trailer and a 20 ton equipment trailer.... 5 different manufacturers, all 5 trailers wheels and tires provided by a company called Tredit.

    S Central PA


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      Originally posted by Parker Yacht View Post

      Can't get a torsion axle to save my arse.
      Trailers are like land based watermakers, sons-a-biatches are always needing something.
      We have standing appointments at the trailer shoppe.
      Is it Waterland down in Miami??


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        It looks like that side was overloaded and squeezed out some of the shock cord. There should still be quite a bit left inside. You may want to cut the protruding ends so they don’t pull on the remaining length inside.
        The torsion axle had a hemorrhoid.