Carolina Skiff 178DLV. 2007 Yamaha F90TXR

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  • Carolina Skiff 178DLV. 2007 Yamaha F90TXR

    Carolina Skiff, 178DLV 178 DLV yamaha F90 TXR 2.31 gear ratio.
    Powertech SCD4 15 pitch, SCD4R15
    Hello Ken. The prop did great. A lot better than I expected actually. It has a little bit of chatter from time to time in gear at idle, but it's not bad or that loud. It's also not consistent and my guess is that it happens when there is no load on the prop (i.e. cancelling out in the current). In any case it's fine with me. Performance-wise it couldn't be better. I hit 6000rpm at WOT and ~35mph in normal conditions for here. Cruises great at 4800rpm and 28mph. The engine is still mounted in the highest position (same as before - unchanged) and the anti-vent plate now runs right at the surface of the water vs. being well under the surface before. It's outstanding - thanks again.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]