Merc 115 Pro XS WOT - Fuel Pressure

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    My bad. He's running the regular 2.07 lower and it's a Trophy Plus prop, not the Fury. As for the Laser 2 and correct me if I'm wrong; but, shouldn't a bowlifting prop aggravate the porpoising? Also, thanks for your time and energy on this. It's greatly appreciated.


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      You would think a bowlifting prop would make it hop worse, but as with everything in boats, nothing is set in stone.
      i've seen boats that porpoised horribly with 4 blades and 3 blades actually held the bow up at speed and ran great, Its rare, but it happens.
      Same thing with height, 9 times out of 10, the guy with a porpoising boat has the motor too low, but I have seen it go the other way many times too. guy lowers it down and it fixes it.
      With boats, you just have to try it, everything varys.

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]


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        Again, thank you. And that is the one thing I know is different between my boat and his. His outboard is actually one bolt hole lower. He's in the number one hole. I'm one hole up and confirmed with HB that's where they mount the 115 Pro XS. None of this makes sense. I'll run that Spitfire X7 17" by the weekend. I'll post some numbers then.
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