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  • Need prop guidance

    Finally getting my project boat in the water this week.

    Once I get her in the water running, what info do you need to advise on a prop?

    The boat is a 24' Carolina Skiff DLX with a Suzuki DF140.

    I have it on a Porta-Bracket with a 17" set back.

    I'll have to pull the prop to get you what's on it now (it's stock Suzuki and I don't see any numbers on the outside, hoping they are on the hub inside)

    Just give me an idea of what you're looking for like Speed @ RPM ranges, Max RPMs, Speed at WOT, etc.

    Thanks in advance Ken.

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    what year 140 is it?
    Depends on load, but with a "average" load, I'd expect the boat to run mid 40's.
    I'd be shooting for close to 6000 RPM

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      It's an '05.

      I had it on a 19'6" Aquasport CC.

      On the Aquasport, I got 6100 rpms on the nose but that hull was heavy (water) and it would only run 28 knts or so with tabs.

      I ran the new boat yesterday with a light load.

      I'm still getting used to the porta-bracket and figuring out where it needs to be for optimum performance.

      I'm going to take it back out with my brother so he can watch my cavitation plate while I adjust it on the fly.

      With me eye-balling this is what I got.

      4000 rpm 21.5 knts

      4500 rpm 25 knts

      5000 rpm 28 knts

      5500 rpm 31 knts

      5800 rpm 32 knts

      All GPS measured.

      I did get it to hit 6150 or so but I wasn't able to record my speed.

      I don't believe I hit the sweet spot yet. Like I said I'll get it back out on the water with another set of eyes and see what we find. I'll also pull the prop and get the numbers from it.

      My brother runs a Powertech on his 24' Morgan with a porta-bracket and a Suzuki 250.

      I'm going to be looking for hole shot more than top-end because I still have to install my leaning post/livewell and that's another 50 gallons of water. Plus two large coolers in the front, etc. I'll usually run with four or more people.

      What's the best info for me to record to help you advise me? Also is it better to email you or post here?



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        The forum is good for numbers, that way we have it for the next guy wanting numbers.
        Sounds like your under propped currently, but with the addition of 50 gal of water and extra people, you may end up about right.
        Hopefully you can find some numbers on that prop just so we can see what its doing.

        Does the boat handle well, anything you'd want to change?

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]


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          Ok we loaded it down with people and coolers, had approx 1890 lbs in it.

          prop is a bone stock Suzuki 14" x 18 pitch. It is the original prop that came with the motor. We pulled it this morning. Very little cup at the blade tips.

          The prop kept losing grip as we adjusted the motor trim/porta-bracket height. Also during tight turns.

          Speed numbers similar to the above post. We hit 32 knts at around 5800 rpms. To get up tp 6000-6100 we had to get right on the edge over cavitation.

          When I'm loaded out the boat will be more balanced, but still a little stern heavy due to the livewell.

          I'm interested in getting on top quickly, running shallow with the porta-bracket and mid-range performance. Top-end is last on my list. I have some long runs in the 10,000 Islands and I want to be able to cruise those efficiently.

          So for me it's:

          1. Mid-range efficiency

          2. Hole shot/running shallow (on top)

          3. Keeping grip in turns (not like speed boat turns, but I do like pulling the kids on tubes, wakeboards, etc)

          4. Top-end

          I want a tractor that cruises lol.

          I may be able to put a different prop on to test as my buddy just bought a SeaPro with a Suzuki 140 on it.

          My brother has 90 yamaha and another buddy a 90 Honda both with Powertechs, will they interchange if I wanted to try theirs?


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            I'd suggest a Powertech LNR4 17 pitch.
            will get along with the portabracket better, and have more traction.

            Ken Reeves
            [email protected]