Hello Ken, this boat originally had a 5.0LX Mercruiser with Alpha 1 gen 2 drive. She was turning a 13 3/4 x 21P, Merc 48 78122 A40 21P prop. Not even sure if this is stock, but from what I can find on the web, it`s what came with this power set for the boat. The boat now has a 350 V8 reman, non vortec roller cam engine with same outdrive. somewhere in between 230 and 270HP I do not believe this reman is 270 as I was told,
I am wanting to go to 4 blade and am curious about the TurningPoint prop for their blade design characteristic.
the reason> during the initial engine run it, the seas were rough for this 20ft runabout. Trimmed all the way in to plane in the crap waters took a good bit of effort as the bow was still high. Feels like I could use better grip. Now she would plane out with a lot of throttle, and then had to back out bc of the rough seas. so not really a good day to break in an engine.
I like to run the rivers here with glass to mild chop, but heading out to the bays and ICW can get nasty. IMHO this is not really a rough water craft.

I wont know max rpm, typically 4800 for this engine, book says 4400-4600 for the 5.0, for quite a while. mostly time and weather restricted.
I don`t like the way this boat comes out with this 3 blade. I`m ok with a speed loss, as I`m sure even with a 4 blade it will move out good enough.
A few boating friends have recommended the 4 blade, Better grip, better handling, and stern lift I believe would be better than whats on there.
Asking for your guidance please?
Thank you, Andy