Looking for Prop recommendation. Frontier 2104 Suzuki DF150

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  • Looking for Prop recommendation. Frontier 2104 Suzuki DF150

    2012 Frontier 2104 with T top, fully loaded with 2 people getting 43mph @5400 rpms. Prop is Suzuki 15X21. Will a different prop improve cruising and top speed?
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    Guess it depends on what you mean by "improving cruising". I think you are overpropped @5400rpm/wot. Sometimes overpropping gives slightly better fueleffiency, but the engine won't be to happy and it often gives the boat/ride a sluggish feel. I'd say you should reach at least 5800rpm with the DF-150 for better response. I'm able to squeese 6000+ rpms out of my DF-150/light loaded. I'm sure Ken will sort you out, but I think you'll have to elaborate your performance-goals a little more. What is most important: Top end speed or cruising performance?

    What do you mean with cruising performance? Fuel consumption or handling? I prefer 4-blade props with a little more sternlift when cruising 25-30 mph. Keeps the boat more level and out of water at those speeds. If considering a new prop, you also should look into engine height. Don't run with the engine burried - it's a common thought that Suzukis shold be mounted low, but if you aren't running offshore and rough seas, a good prop wold work well even with higher mounting - but that implies more rpms for traction.🙂


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      It gets great fuel consumption per mile. Just trying to get a little faster performance because I cover pretty long distances. Maybe I'm wrong but I figure higher top speed, higher cruising speed. Once I replace the motor I will go bigger but it's what I have for now. The motor is mounted as high as it goes. I do run in shallow water and don't have jack plate. Also unsure of length of lower unit. It's a 2012 DF150tl


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        I agree with Ibiza
        Your only getting 5400 RPM currently, which many would consider borderline over propped. I would not what to go any Higher on pitch given your current RPM. I don't think you are hurting your motor at all currently, but I just wouldn't go higher pitch.

        If you drop the pitch to get your RPM up higher, you will also gain RPM throughout the range, at any speed, (just like going to a lower gear in your car)

        I get this a lot, as people often relate lower RPM at the same cruise speed, or cruising faster for the same RPM as being better for economy. ( but if we are actually trying to improve economy, we need to be talking about a specific speed and GPH)
        There are some motors where that can be true, there are some motors that this is not true.
        In your particular situation, I dont' think you would actually GAIN any significant fuel economy be dropping in pitch, but you would likely gain Acceleration, and throttle response throughout the RPM range, while keeping the same fuel economy and top end.

        For what your asking for, I don't think you'll beat what you have.

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]