Robalo R302 with Yamaha F300’s prop recommendation.

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  • Robalo R302 with Yamaha F300’s prop recommendation.

    Current props are the Yamaha Saltwater ll 15x19 3 blade that Yamaha used in its own F300 performance test bulletin on the Robalo R302 and they perform pretty decent in smooth seas loaded with 300gal fuel,250# ice,6 men, 20+ rods with tackle and gear delivering [email protected]~4400 rpm and 50+ WOT...
    The issue we have is in rougher seas where we can not run 31~ 32 plus mph comfortable in the choppy Gulf of Mexico is the boat loses speed and sinks off plane under those speeds and it’s impossible too run under 30 mph as it just settles in under 20 mph @ 3800~3900 more like 15~18 mph until you nudge the throttles up too 4500 she’ll slip the props quite a bit as it regains speed slipping thru the lower mid 20’s then get a good bite and we’ll...your running 32mph. Do you think 4 blade props are in order and maybe a big wide 3 blade like Mirage Plus idk but there has too be a better set of props for this setup.
    Thanks in advanced for any help..

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    Just for an easy thing to test, I want you to see where the alignment is on the motors.
    With the motors trimmed parallel with the hull, measure the distance between the motors at the leading edges of the gearcases.
    Then measure the distance between the motors at the prop shafts, (center to center between the prop shafts)

    The Tiebar between the motors is adjustable, adjust it to where the distance between the prop shafts is 3/4 of an inch SHORTER, then the distance between the leading edges of the gearcases.

    There is a chance this could improve the traction of those props, and solve your issue without buying anything.

    But if not, I'd go Quicksilver Q4s. pitch will depend on what your GPS speed is at wide open loaded up like you actually run most of the time.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      Thanks Ken... We’ll check everything above weather permitting and report back.