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  • intoodeep1113
    When I re-powered my [1997 OUTRAGE 20] boat in 2011 [with an E-TEC 175-HP engine], I went through quite a few propellers to obtain the optimum performance characteristics. I think some of this information may have been on the old forum, but I thought posting this performance data here may end up helping someone. I really like having the Lenco 12x12 tabs, makes getting on plane faster, smooths the ride in rough seas and helps balance an uneven load very well!

    My criteria were:
    • reaching optimum RPM for my ETEC - 5500-5700 RPM
    • Handling at cruise, at low speed, at reverse, ability to hold the bow properly
    • MPG
    • WOT speed

    I happily settled on the Mercury ENERTIA 15--it has been excellent all-round propeler. I liked the BRP REBEL as well but [the E-TEC 175 engine] didn't reach optimum RPM. I kept the Mercury MIRAGEplus 15 as a backup. The BRP SST performed well also. The BRP VIPER propellers did not feel very good, and had a significant lack of reverse thrust.

    The boat was lightly loaded, roughly 1/3-FULL tank of fuel, 400-lbs crew, maybe another 350-lbs of equipment counting batteries oil tank.

    Data was averaged up-current/upwind and down-current/doenwind.

    Temperature was in the upper 80's, water was saltwater, waves were less than 6-inches.

    Bimini top was down.

    Engine mounting was all the way up.

    Viper 19 test data may have been recorded at two-holes-up.

    No fin added on gear case. Trim tabs retracted

    1997 Outrage 20 E-TEC 175

    ENERTIA 15
    RPM MPH MPG % Slip
    3500 23.8 3.8 12
    4000 29.9 3.7 3
    5675 42.7 2.6 2

    REBEL 15
    3400 25.8 3.9 1
    4000 31.0 3.6 -1
    5325 40.8 2.6 0

    MIRAGEplus 15
    3200 23.5 3.6 4
    4000 30.0 3.5 2
    5350 38.0 2.6 0

    MIRAGEplus 17
    3800 29.0 3.6 7
    5200 41.0 4

    OMC SST 17
    3600 27.6 3.8 12
    4000 29.9 3.6 14
    5500 44.1 8

    VIPER 16
    3500 21.5 3.6 25
    4000 28.3 3.6 14
    5500 41.0 2.6 9

    VIPER 19
    3600 29.9 4.1 15
    4000 33.0 3.6 15
    4900 42.0 2.6 12
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  • ken2
    If the prop is not ventilating bad, and handles well, I'd just run the same style in a 15.
    Don't always have to go stainless. your numbers are good, just need a little less pitch.

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  • whaler02790
    commented on 's reply
    Do you recommend a 3 blade instead of a 4 blade? I use aluminum because the Westport River is a bit tricky, but could do SS if you feel there is a benfit.

  • whaler02790
    Do you recommend a 3 blade instead of a 4 blade? I use aluminum because the Westport River is a bit tricky, but could do SS if you feel there is a benfit.

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  • ken2
    Just need less pitch.
    That motor has a 1.86 gear ratio, your at 11% slip, which is not bad at all.
    If they let you return that prop and get a 15 of the same brand/model, you would accelerate stronger, turn 6000 RPM to go the same speed.

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  • whaler02790
    started a topic 20 Foot Boston Whaler Outrage PROP Question

    20 Foot Boston Whaler Outrage PROP Question

    I just bought a 20 foot 1997 Boston Whaler Outrage with T-Top and a 2017 F200 Yamaha.
    It came with a beat up 3 blade aluminum 14x17 prop.
    I tube a lot with the kids so I prefer a 4 blade prop, but am open to suggestions.
    I put a 14.5x17 aluminum Turning Point Hustler on it.
    Good acceleration, not great.
    Good cornering
    Top Speed, I think is off and RPM too low.
    Just me on boat, trimmed up as high as it will go before it will porpoise, MAX RPM 5200 to 5300, Top Speed 41 to 43MPH
    The engine has 70 hours and has been gone through by a Yamaha Dealer.
    I have not weighed the boat to see if it is wet, but I pulled all the deck hatches and everything looks good.
    I dont know what the right prop is to get it to WOT and should I invest in trim tabs?
    Thank You,