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    Hi everyone, this is my custome built Swiftcat here in England and need some help with props form you guys as here in England we are not very good at mounting engines and choosing the correct props.
    i now have the engines lifted as so can see the cavitation plates and these are the figures I’m getting so think I may need to go down to a 17inch pitch not fussed about top end but best mid range fuel economy or would I be better with 4 blade, looking forward to your help.

    curent prop is a Suzuki 3 x 16 x 18.5 stainless steel
    Engines are Suzuki 250hp 2018
    Boat is 8 meters plus the pods and 3.7 meters wide

    1000 rpm / 4.3 knots / 7.9 LPH
    2000 rpm / 7.9 knots / 20.4 LPH
    3000 rpm / 13.1 knots / 46.1 LPH
    4000 rpm / 23.6 knots / 76.7 LPH
    5000 rpm / 32.6 knots / 135.6 LPH
    5600 rpm / 37.4 knots / 163.5 LPH (max revs)
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    Ken from PropGods will be along to help!

    When I ran a big Suzi DF250 Ken propped it w/ a 4-blade PowerTech large (16”?) diameter wheel and it was phenomenal!

    I also recall the rated WOT being 6K if not mistaken, so I’d say you are over-propped.
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      Those props aren't doing to bad.
      I would imagine the 17 pitch Suzuki props will go the same speed but turn 6100 to get there.
      Fuel economy at cruise wont' change much, it might get slightly worse, but it should be close.

      Only reason I'd go 4 blade is if you were getting ventilation or having problems slipping in rough water or turns.
      The Enertia ECO 18's would be a fun set to try, but would be expensive to ship back and fourth if you didn't like them.

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]


      • Nauti Buoys
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        Hi Ken, thanks for your help we do get slipping when rough so what would you recommend

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      I'd go with Powertech LFS4 in 17 pitch
      Bad news is they won't ship for 4-6 weeks.

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]


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        I have nothing to add except for nice looking vessel.
        I can't help but think if I was a better person I could've been a dog. 🐕

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