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    Originally posted by Fandarr View Post
    I surely have wet foam that is a given. The boat is rated for 300 hp and many guys that run twin 150s on it see similar numbers as single 300s, atleast the guys over at classicmako. Originally they could have been bought with twins or a single from the factory. I am not looking for a speed boat like I said, just a good all around performer. I really liked the Thunderbolt Ken recommended and the Rev4 I borrowed from a friend, which is basically the Q4 Ken recommended but it was a different pitch. The rest I tried were just eh. I guess what suprised me and Ken even more was how bad the slip was and high the RPMs are. With both the Thunderbolt and the Rev4 the boat was actually pretty quick and responsive, much more than I expected. I just didn't expect to hit pretty much 6k RPM with any prop I tried and its been everything from a 17p to a 21p.
    What tachometer is in the bote?
    Engine has over-rev control at 6200, but really should be topping out around 5600.
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      This is the tach, its only a few months old. I have check the dip switches and am 99% sure I have them set correctly. I also validated the RPMs with a handheld gauge/meter up to 2.5k RPM if I remember correctly and it they were the same. I want to test it at a higher RPM but need to get someone out there with me who can run the boat, I was just doing it in neutral.