Prop recommendation for new boat? 28' Valentino

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  • Prop recommendation for new boat? 28' Valentino

    Hi all, esp Ken,

    I ordered a new boat and looking to start with the right prop. My last several boats have been twin powered transom mount Yamahas and have really enjoyed the Mirage Plus series performance for my Yamahas.

    Here's my new set up:

    28' Valentino Custom - Single 300 Suzuki on a Porta Bracket - Forward Seating - Hard Top (No top station) - Trim Tabs

    Wet Weight 4500lb
    18 degree dead rise at transom

    Looking at the way it sits in the water and having the forward seating i'm wondering if it make sense to have a prop that provides some bow lift?
    Having the Porta Bracket should allow to dial in the performance.

    I'm best interested in mid range w good mpg and top end speed. I don't need to worry about optimizing hole shot.

    Based on the Suzuki Boat Tests (comparing similar boat length/weights) I was going to start with the Suzuki 16x23 SS Prop unless a better option exists.

    I did enjoy the Flow Torq hub style of the Mirage Plus - easily replaced and easy to carry a spare.

    Here's a link to the boat:


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    A preview of my boat.


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      Nice looking boat.
      They claim 52 MPH with a 300 G2.
      If you are going to run a Suzuki prop, I'd suggest a 16 x 20 3 blade

      The Mercury ECO 20 would be a fun one to try as well.

      The new Suzuki "water grip" hub is basically a Mercury style hub.
      The ECO has the same style hub.

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]


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        Very nice..
        2019 Tidewater 252 CC Twin F150's
        2016 Tidewater 230 CC VF250 SHO- SOLD
        Mobile, Al.
        Dauphin Island, Al.


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          Thanks for your quick feedback!


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            Interesting comparison.


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              Hi Ken,

              The latest boat built will be similar to mine and the first on the water rigged with a Suzuki 300.

              It’s propped with a Suzuki 3x16x17

              WOT 6100rpm 48mph
              Cruise 4100rpm/31mph/3.4mpg

              My boat will be slightly lighter and less drag (mine is without a second station).
              Any need to consider the Porta-Bracket in the choice?
              Should I pick a prop with longer blades?

              Or...Still think the 3x16x20 would be the right choice?



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                Well, 6100 at 48 MPH with 17 pitch is negative 2% slip. Which is a little less then normal with a Suzuki prop.

                I normally expect 2-5%: normally base my choice on 3% slip, which is still amazing, but, negative 2 is abnormal.
                But maybe he had a couple MPH current going with him, who knows.

                If you get negative 2% slip on the next setup, you might need an 18.5 pitch prop.

                But if its going to hit 52 MPH, I'd still bet on 20

                Ken Reeves
                [email protected]


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                  I’ll start with the 20.