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    Bought a 2001 Lund 1800 sterndrive, Alpha One 3.0L 135hp. My top end speed is 37mph with a light load, 2 people, half tank of gas etc. using the merc 14x19 3 blade alum prop and 4900 WOT. My manual says recommended WOT is 4400-4800. Merc calculator says prop slip is 18. I fish some big lakes and am looking for max top end speed to go long distances so thinking I should upgrade to a stainless prop. Question is what size/pitch? And recommended manufacturers? Thanks for any input!

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    With Mercury/Quicksilver, I'd suggest an 19 pitch Q3. same propeller as a Mercury Enertia.
    Great all around prop, cruises well, and pretty fast.
    I sell them for 599
    Or the Powertech PTZ3 19 pitch, great all around prop also, hard to beat for the price.
    cost 329

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]