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  • Escape RT2200 Prop Recommendation

    I just picked up a used 2018 Escape RT 2200 22' tritoon with a 200 L6 Verado Pro on the back of it. The current prop is a blackmax 17p and i'm not getting the speed I expected out of it. So far with limited time to play with it i'm getting 36 mph on GPS @ 5400 RPM. I haven't played with the trim too much to see if I can do better as i haven't had a "performance" pontoon before so this is all new to me.

    With the deal I negotiated a Eco Enertia prop (read those were good on tritoons and it was expensive so figured I would go for the home run), but now questing that as it ;looks like the lowest pitch is 16.5 that might be too aggressive give the 5400 rpm.

    The dealer has a 17p eco enertia on order for me right now and it's on backorder so I have a limited amount of time to potentially make a switch.

    The motor only has 23 hrs on it so maybe i'm evaluating it too early, but want to make sure the prop the dealer gets for me is in the ballpark.

    Long term I might (50/50) look at a whipple tune for the motor. The boat is only rated for 200 so I wouldn't go too crazy, but could be an option to pickup some additional speed.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Trimming the boat correctly can make a massive difference on a tritoon. So I would start there. put a little time on the boat and experiment with trim. Trim up a little, let the boat react, go a little more, let the boat react, and just keep going. At some point you'll gain RPM but the speed will start dropping off, or the boat will start porpoising or something.
    Watch the GPS speed and trim for best speed, don't just trim for RPM.

    I dont' find any performance reports on that boat, so not sure how fast its going to go.
    I see the Escape RT220 ran 34 MPH with 200 HP, but that is not the same boat.

    The ECO is a nice prop, but its not the best prop for top end, and its a bit of an overkill for a 22 ft boat.
    I would suggest the Standard Enertia, or the Quicksilver Q3 (same prop)
    Its offered in every inch of pitch.
    I'd start with 15 diameter x 15 pitch Enertia. that would take you to the mid 40's if you can trim it and get the RPM.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      So i have tried a few different props so far and really struggling to figure out where to go. My load is pretty variable, at minimum 3 people and max about 10. I keep reading about how bad it is not to get verados in the 6k range at wot, but how do i keep it off the rev limiter at wot if inreduce the load.

      Here is what i have tried so far:

      17p black max - 5400 rpm and 36mph with a full tank and 3 people

      15p black max cp (extra cup) - 5300 rpm and 37mph with a full tank and 3 people

      13p black max cp (extra cup) - 5400 prm and 35 mph with 6 people and a full tank

      14p enertia - 5400 rpm and 34mph with 6 people and full tank

      I havent been able to play with the trim on the enertia yet, but it seems like i can trim quite a bit higher without it blowing out, probably can pickup a mph and some rpm with more time on it.

      My mission has changed a little, not as worried about top speed, more worried about finding something that will get my rpm where it needs to be (5900-6300 i think - l6 200 verado pro) with the variable load.

      Im tempeted to try the black max 11cp or the 11p enertia. I feel like 12p enertia is where i really need to be but they dont make it in 12p.

      Let me know your thoughts please. Thanks so much for providing advise!


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        I'm surprised 34 MPH is all she's got. I see in their performance report/ad they only got 34 MPH with a 200 HP Etec G2

        Wish Simon motorsports was still tuning Verado's.
        Your easiest option would have been to spend 800 bucks and turn your 200 into a 300.
        I'm sure they will be offering that again eventually.

        But for now, I'd say drop to a 12 pitch, Q3

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]


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          Thanks Ken.

          I'm with you, i was a couple weeks away from sending the pcm to whipple for thier 340hp tune when they stopped doing them. Hopefully there is a work around but I certainly understand Mercury's effort to stop it.

          Anyhow, is the q3 available in 12p? I think enertia skips 12p for sone reason, but if you have a q3 i wouldibe interested in the price?

          Thanks so much.



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            Sorry, your right, I meant to put 13 pitch, they don't make the 12 for whatever reason.

            While I understand Mercury's wanting to stop people from turning up their motors, I don't see how they can legally stop it.
            We've been getting more HP out of cars and trucks for as long as they've been around. Guy's turn up their trucks all the time, why would it be illegal to do the same on an outboard?

            Ken Reeves
            [email protected]


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              So i bought a used enertia 13p off ebay last year and ran it and immediately had a vibration between 1000 and 3000 rpm. It seemed to go away at higher rpm but i wasnt comfortable running it. I only got about 6k on the high end as well. There were no nicks or dings and the guy claimed it was very low hour and never hit anything. Over the winter i sent it off to prop md in mn to have it balanced and they suggested taking a little cup out of it to give me more rpm. Finally had a chance to run it and the vibration was still there. Do i have a bad prop or is there some reason it doesnt like a 13p? Im running the 14p enertia now and it does well but only getting 5600 rpm or so at 37mph.


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                I wonder if they ever actually balanced it, or if they got side tracked and just messed with the cupping.

                Ken Reeves
                [email protected]