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    I have a 2006 287 center console seafox with twin suzuki 200’s. I currently have mercury 4 blade 14 - 23p props counter rotating . are usually use the boat for recreation and diving mostly. Not hard-core fishing. My wide-open throttle range is 5000 to 6000. No matter how many people I have in the boat or what the way it is or whether condition is the ultimate max speed I get to is 39.9 miles an hour.It just feels like I should be able to go faster than I do. I do get one heck of a hole shot. At 6000 RPMs I still feel that there is more to give however I don’t want to go over the 6000 RPMs. I am not in this for the speed I am just curious if anybody has any thoughts if I should up my pitch to 23.

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    5000-6000rpm is a big range. As Jethro says...what is the wide open rpm with motors trimmed up to just the point speed decreases? With a normal load of people gas beach chairs dogs, cats and horses?

    PS you posted this in the wrong category, maybe Ole will move it so Ken will see it.


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      If they are 14 x 23 Mercury 4 blades, I'm going to guess they are either Offshore series, or Vensura Props. I never liked those props and rarely ran them. When I did, it was on a single sterndrive boat with the motor deep. They just dont' have any traction.

      Looks like they claim 53 MPH with 250's,
      Based on that, I'd expect around 48 with 200's (lightly loaded)
      I think 23 pitch is correct, you just have to get some props with some traction.

      Powertech LFS4 props would be a good choice. Big 16 inch diameter 4 blade that has great bite and sternlift.
      I'd go 23 pitch.
      Or the Mercury Enertia ECO, great all around 3 blade, has good traction and gets great economy at cruise.

      Your current numbers, 6000 RPM at 39 MPH with 23 pitch your at 25% slip. not good
      get a good prop that brings that slip down around 5-9% and you'd be running mid to high 40's if you can turn 6000.

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]