Rehub or reprop???

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  • Rehub or reprop???

    Owned boat since new 08. Getting nervous about age of prop rubber.
    Just wondering if the performance of the boat can get better for getting up on plane.

    2008 Tidewater Bay Max 1800 No trim tabs.
    2008 Yamaha 90 2 stroke
    guesstamating 2000 lb total going out on a trip
    13 1/2X15 Solas SS 3 blade prop, no model # I can find on the exterior. Pressed in rubber.
    Cavatation plate is even with bottom of the hull, number 2 hole from top.
    GPS 35mph @5300 WOT.
    Planes @ 19-20mph @ 3000

    The planing speed is what bothers me. When the chop in the bay kicks up, it can be a teeth rattling ride to stay on plane vs getting off plane and wallowing around off plane.

    Am I at optimum with the prop or is there room for improvement?

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    The Powertech SCD4 would be a semicleaver sternlifting 4 blade prop that gives great sternlift, and will keep you on plane at slower speeds.
    I'd go 14 pitch.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      Thank you Ken! The hub is pressed in? Just reuse the hardware that's on the shaft now?
      Ya'll still doing the exchange if needed?

      Never mind, just e-mailed you, too much caffeine.

      ETA Ken called me back and answered my questions, that's customer service!
      Yes to both questions, ordering now.
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        Update: Finally got to run the boat with the new prop.
        GPS 35mph WOT @ 5600rpm
        Planes 12mph @ 3000rpm hard to keep it at that speed, wants to speed up to mid teens when it settles down.
        Hole shot much better, less bow rise.
        Not wallowing around at off plane speeds, responds better to steering inputs.
        All testing on fairly calm day, not glassy.

        Thanks Ken!!!!


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          Thanks for posting the results !

          Ken Reeves
          [email protected]