Parker 2510 DV new boat twin Yamahas 200's. Shudder/vibration

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  • Parker 2510 DV new boat twin Yamahas 200's. Shudder/vibration

    Boat and motor have about 6 hours (2018 leftover). Since the first trip out I experience vibration/shuddering throughout the boat when in forward gear at idle speed ( don't recall the rpm at which it goes away- about 1000 rpm). Not when motors in neutral. I have run each motor alone and experience it. At higher rpm's they run fine. Any thoughts? Dealer says it is normal. Annoying. Not for me!
    Different props ?
    Naples, Fl

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    What brand/model props are you running? If they are Yamaha, are they SDS hubs?
    If they aren't yamaha props, we may be able to put a different type of hub in there and fix it.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      They are new Yamaha props, I believe SDS, 200's
      Over on the Classic Parker forum you just solved this problem for a guy with virtually the same boat - Parker 2520 Pilot house. Mine is the Parker 2510 Walk around cabin .

      The engines are on the third hole of four and when I'm trimmed out (8-9 bars on the YDS) I can reach 6000 rpm and the anti-cavitation plates are on top of the water. I get up to 52 MPH with no cavitation. She will scoot pretty well. I typically cruise trimmed to 4-5 bars @ 3800 RPM gives me 30 MPH and 2.1-2.4 MPG. Sounds perfect right? The problem I'm having is the stern is so heavy on these boats. If I'm in rough seas at 3000 rpm it will fall off a plane and drop to <18 mph. The props I have are 18 pitch 14 1/4 Reliance. I believe they are standard hubs. They have the plate between the hub and the prop nut; but, they don't have the keyway that I believe the SDS hubs have and they rattle the boat from idle to about 800 rpm.
      Ok, so now for my questions. Will props that lift the stern prevent her from falling off plane? What props/hubs will lift the stern and/or stop the rattle?

      On your recommendation he got a pair of Powertech SCE4 which are 14” x 17pitch

      His comment:
      Ken nailed it. Engines all the way in, no trim tabs, I never loose sight of the horizon on the hole shot. Cruise I gained 1 mph for the same power setting and fuel burn. Top speed I lost 1 MPH.

      Now I just have to come up with $1000!


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        Yes, he liked them.
        Also, they still chattered a little bit, so we put some spacers between the prop and thrust washer to completely solve it.
        I don't charge extra for them, its just a little washer that should cost about 5 cents, but they charge 3 dollars.
        Those props are $459 each from me
        Just remind me you want the spacers if you order them

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]