Mercury Flo Torq SSR hubs for 1" propshaft

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  • Mercury Flo Torq SSR hubs for 1" propshaft

    I have twin Merc 200 3.4L V6's with 21P Enertia props on my Axopar 28c. They have the stock hubs, I assume Flo Torq II's, which make quite a clunk, and have some vibration at 1k idle or so. A fellow at the boat show here said to try the SSR 1" hubs on them, which should help with both issues.

    In researching online, I've seen 2 different part numbers 8M0101602 and 8M0101604 for the 1" version "SSR", not sure what the difference is. 8M0101603 seems to be the "SSR HD" for 1.25" shafts. Which ones would I need?
    Sanibel FL
    Axopar 28 Cabin, 2 x 200 Merc 3.4L V6

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    Ahhh! The V8 Mercury's Ole has is the solution!
    You're welcome!.


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      Solas hub kits would shift softer.
      Those hubs you mentioned probably shift a little softer, but they are Solid hubs. you can't spin one, so there is no spin if you hit something.
      They were suppose to come out with a different one, but I don't know if they ever did. Here is the ad I saw on them a while back.
      Click image for larger version

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      Ken Reeves
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        for the original question on the two different part numbers, I ask my quicksilver Supplier and got this response.
        They are the same part. The 602 is the Mercury version; the 604 is Quicksilver. So I stock the 604.

        FYI, the 835257Q10 is being phased out, replaced by the 602/604.

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]