Which 4-blade prop for Mako 171?

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  • Which 4-blade prop for Mako 171?

    I recently re-powered my 1988 Mako 171 with a Suzuki DF 140 A.
    It came with a Suzuki 14 x 21 x 3 SS. That prop would get me right at 6200 rpms @36 mph with an average load.
    Sounds like the perfect prop right?
    The hole shot was painfully slow and the ride was rough. My boat has factory transom mounted live wells, trim tabs and a poling platform so its stern heavy.
    I decided to try a 4 blade Solas Amita 13.75 x 19 x 4 to see if it would help with stern lift. It did! Like night and day.
    Hole shot is immediate and mid range cruise is a very nice.
    The only problems are the engine over revs to 6500 rpms and it’s aluminum.
    Im looking at the Power Tech props and would like advice on which one to try. I’m thinking 14 x 20 x LRN4 but would appreciate any suggestions.

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      Yes, I agree on the LNR4 20 pitch. Should do pretty well.
      I actually have one sitting here available for testing if you want to try it. I normally don't have Powertech for testing, but I just recently had a guy get one and then swapped out for a 3 blade.

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]


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        That sounds great Ken. I’ll be back in Sarasota next week and will be in touch.