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    Hey all.........New to forum and pontoons! I have to say the wealth of information and willingness to help others in this forum is amazing. The Boat is a recently purchased 2003 Fisher Freedom 220 DLX 22 foot sitting on 26 inch pontoons. The motor is a 2010 Mercury 115HP Optimax Direct Fuel Injection with a Stainless Steel 3 blade 13.5D 17P prop. Gear ratio of 2.07:1 The motor is sitting as low as it goes. Pontoons have been cleaned and polished and no water inside. Use of boat is mainly cruising but hopefully next summer will be pulling tubes with my kids.

    Before I bought the boat the motor was gone over and cleaned and fuel lines were replaced. Dealer said motor was in great shape. I have taken the boat out twice since I purchased it. The last time there was my wife, daughter and I on the boat with no extra equipment. I was able to reach 21 mph(GPS calculated) WOT at 100% trimmed down but RPMs never went over 4500. Adjusting trim had no affect and if I went more than 4-5 bumps up the motor lost power. I believe for this motor max RPM range is 5,000 - 5500/5750.

    From what I have read here in the forums to increase RPMs I need to pitch down but I am not sure how far down. Most Prop Calcs have me going to a 15 or 14 but some indicated a 13 for a heavy boat. Others mention a XC prop made for pontoons(something about extra cupping). Would greatly appreciate someone with more knowledge in this area recommending what they would go with IE Brand, diameter, pitch ..........

    Mercury recommends Mercalloy Black Max 3 blade 13.875D 14P OR Black Max 13.75D 15P but also mentions a XC prop

    Thanks in Advance BoB

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    I emailed you, but the prop I'd suggest is the Powertech SWW3 in 12 pitch.
    Sounds super low, but it hooks up strong, I normally expect less then 10% slip. in your case, you'd get much stronger acceleration and throttle response, and if you can turn it, you'll actually gain top end speed as well.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]