Enertia vs larger diameter prop (15.75x15)

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  • Enertia vs larger diameter prop (15.75x15)

    I repowered my guide boat with another Honda 225. It is the newer 2.0:1 lower unit and I push heavy loads with the single outboard on a 27' boat with only 10-12 degrees of deadrise. Current prop is a Honda 15.75x15x3 prop (Solas lexor plus) that performs nearly identical to the Mirage Plus. I top out at 5700 - 5750 rpms and 32-33kn (37-38mph) with a regular load .

    The load on the motor at right below 4500rpms has my fuel burn right at 12gph. Calm seas with med load that is 24-25kn and a max of 2.1nmpg. In rough seas with a max heavy load, I saw as slow as 20.4kn for 1.7nmpg (with a light load, I am seeing a max of 2.3nmpg at right around 4000rpms)

    Motor currently has right around 20hours on it (sold the last 225 Honda with 3500+hours on it running great FWIW)

    Here is the big question: Has anyone seen a increase in fuel mileage MID RANGE (4000-4500 rpms) without a loss of speed in a single application with the Enertia over say a Mirage plus or Lexor Plus. Trying to decide if I would ever recoup a decent portion of the prop cost.
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    I didn't realize you were in here, congratulation on being a member, and of having a new outboard!
    You're welcome!.

    Now the experts may chime in.


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      Well, for $30 plus shipping we can find out.
      I'm sure it will depend on the boat.
      The Enertia is really good on fuel a lot of time. The Quicksilver Q3 (same prop) is a little cheaper, so I normally suggest it, unless I need a counter rotation.
      If you want to try it, just give me a call.
      I'd want you to compare the fuel burn at the same speeds if possible, so we got an accurate apples to apples comparison and can see which one wins on fuel economy.

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]


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        Thanks Ken. I will give you a call early next week to take you up on it. It is a right hand motor so the Q3 would work.
        iFishMD.com Chesapeake Bay Sportfishing