Prop suggestion for 21 Boston Whaler

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  • Prop suggestion for 21 Boston Whaler

    Ken could you offer your opinion on a prop for my new to me Whaler?
    I have a 1996 21 Ft. Justice model with T top and dive door.
    Fuel is 119 Gal. and I would usually be full.
    2-4 persons on board.
    Red dot hull with aluminum gunnels.
    No bottom paint.
    Should weigh about 4500 lbs ready to go
    Yamaha F300 V6 4.2L 25in shaft mounted two holes up.

    I tried a mercury Laser II 19in prop and with 50 Gal fuel and 4 adults & 2 kids. no gear.
    I could only turn 5600 rpm with medium trim . Hole shot was very poor. the vent plugs are out on this prop that I tried.

    I can purchase used a Yamaha SWS II 17T x15 1/2 or a SWS II 19T x 15 1/4
    Suggested to me are the 15 x 15 Enertia
    also the 15 x15 Rev 4

    I would like to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

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    I got your email.

    Ok, I could'nt find any numbers specifically on the 21 Justice, but got a few for the 210 Outrage.
    Here is a guy that ran a 300 Verado and got 54 MPH

    If we can expect 54 MPH out off it, then I'd want you to try a 19 pitch Yamaha Saltwater Series, or a Quicksilver Thunderbolt.
    I don't sell the yamaha props, but I do have the Thunderbolt available for testing if you want to try it.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]