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  • Suzuki 90 prop choice.

    So I just bought a 2016 17’ Caravelle with a Suzuki 90. It had 3x14x19 aluminum prop. The boat had a poor hole shot and ventilated easily in turns. Max RPM was about 5600 and I got 35ish (I don’t know if I was going with or against the current). 10% slip. I swapped the prop out for a spitfire aluminum 17. Now I get a great hole shot 6100 rpm at 39 with the current so I would say I was going 37. 2% slip seems pretty good and the RPM is where I want it. This prop still blows out in turns trim all the way down. Not as bad as the 3 blade. The motor is already on the bottom hole.

    So for the next prop do I get a x7 spitfire 17, Suzuki stainless 3x14x17 or whatever prop Ken suggest I get for the application? I would like to stay close the the max RPM of 6300 for performance.

    I’ve always loved mercury props. I’ve read a lot of post that these Suzuki’s like 14” diameter props. So it’s time to ask the experts.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Is there anything at all inline with the prop on the hull. like an underwater light, a transducer, a livewell pickup of some sort?

    The stainless spitfire is a good one, normally has great traction. expensive though.
    Powertech has quite a few options as well. I like their RXB4, also gets super low slip numbers and has great traction. cost $375 from me.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      Thanks Ken. There is nothing inline with the prop. The transducer about 2’ off center.

      The cavitation plate is about 1” above the bottom of the transom when I put a strait edge on it. I think I can fix the cavitation problem by adjusting the lower trim limit switch to let the motor trim down more. I’m not sure if I can do that or the dealer has to.

      My my worries about going to the 17 x7 spitfire is I will lose rpm vs the aluminum spitfire. Also the price steep.

      Price is is why I wanted a 17” Suzuki stainless. Also heard they perform very well on the Zuke. I see powertech makes a LNR3 Suzuki prop replacement as well. If you think the RBX4 will deliver better performance it might be what I get. What pitch would you recommend? Also what is the restocking fee to swap it out if it’s not what I need?



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        well, your at 2% slip from your numbers.
        You can't get much lower then that, so I can't see a different 17 pitch dropping your RPM much at all.
        Unless that current was a little faster then you think.

        Restocking fee is 35 bucks.

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]


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          I think that number is a little fast. I was running with a strong current that day.

          I’ll do a few more trips then pull the trigger.