T50 Yamaha/ V16F Sun Catcher prop question

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  • T50 Yamaha/ V16F Sun Catcher prop question

    I have an odd size pontoon 16’
    It has a T50 (high thrust) Yamaha on it with a 14/11 prop.
    The top speed I have achieved in this pontoon is 14.9 mph (gps).
    I would love some advice on getting just a little more top end of this motor. When my family is on it we top out at about 12.5mph
    At WOT it could easily get to 6800 RPMs (I was surprised by this) I must misunderstand how the Yamaha rev limiter works. i know I should avoid going above 5800 for this motor. I’m looking for a setup with less prop slip at actual WOT.

    The question I have is this...
    Does anyone have a smaller 16’ pontoon here with a High Thrust 50? If so, would you be willing to share with me the prop that you have found to work best for you for a bit more MPH? This one is horribly inefficient.

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    well if your able to turn 6800 RPM, I'd be wondering about the tachometer as well. Maybe its not set correctly.
    SIM or Parker Yacht on here may be able to answer that one a little better.

    My fist thought would be a Powertech RED3 in 12 pitch.
    little bigger blade then the yamaha aluminum. should have better traction and bring that slip down.
    Fall back plan would be an SWW3 12 pitch, which has a huge amount of cupping. might be a little too much for that motor.

    But I'd also want to see if there was anything inline with the motor that could be disturbing the water flow.

    Ken Reeves
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      Thank you Ken. I need to check that Tachometer. Have I been misinformed that the Yamaha (2018) outboard has over rev protection? Can you point me to where I might learn more about that?


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        I messaged Parker Yacht and sent a link, we'll see what he says on the rev limiter on that motor.
        Great screen name by the way. Everyone loves Lil Sebastian

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]


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          Definitely check the tachometer. What kind? Brand and model?

          The red line RPM is 6000. The rev limiter will be activated at or about 6200 RPM.

          Without knowing the actual wide open throttle engine RPM I would be lost trying to come up with a suitable propeller brand, model or pitch.
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            It looks like the 14 X 11 propeller could be the Yamaha dual thrust model. You may be giving up a bit of forward speed for better reverse thrust effectiveness. Once the actual WOT RPM is known then follow Ken's suggestions as to a more effective propeller for a better WOT boat speed. Click image for larger version

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              And Jedro to the rescue!
              Only here on BoB!
              thank you.
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                Place your bets! I’m betting Faria guage.


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                  Hey thanks everyone. I’ll get back with you tomorrow.


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                    Thanks Jethro !

                    Ken Reeves
                    [email protected]