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  • Honda bf150 prop question

    I have an MDX-211 OB deck boat with a Honda 150 and a hustler 15X15 4 blade installed. Used for cruising and towing a tube.

    I get a lot of ventilation in tight turns and some ventilation in not so tight turns. When I find the sweet spot with the trim I get less ventilation but it is still pretty bad in tighter corners.

    No trouble getting on plane. Run 6100 at 43mph gps with moderate load.

    I have had recommendations for increasing pitch and swapping to an OFS 15.25X15. Honda says OFS 15.25x16.

    I’d like to get rid of the ventilation and be able to plane a little slower if possible. I usually have to top up so I can’t ever run over 30 anyway.

    i cant find any loaner prop places near me and I’d like to try to get it right the first time as SS is a bit expensive

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    Ken (the expert!!) will be along soon enough, but I knew someone who had really good luck with the 15 pitch Mercury Enertia prop on his BF150 Honda and Bennington tri-toon.
    Sanibel FL
    Axopar 28 Cabin, 2 x 200 Merc 3.4L V6


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      Thank you. I took a look and watched the video. It’s funny how a prop made for top speed on a center console also works for a pontoon boat and a stern drive runabout. I think that is why finding a prop is so difficult. They are very specialized but then work for this application and then this application and maybe this application.


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        I do really like the Enertia or the Quicksilver Q3. its just a great consistent performing prop on a lot of different applications.
        Pricey though They are 569 plus 45 for a hub. vs the OFS3 $409 hub included.
        Either would be good, Given your speed of 43 on GPS, I'd say 16 pitch would be what you'd need to keep the RPM down.
        Your current slip numbers are Negative 6%, which is a little odd.
        That 15 pitch you have is acting more like a 17 pitch.

        the OFS3 or Q3 would both be good options, just depends on what you want to spend.
        If you don't care about top end much and just want good bite, the OFS3 would be a great choice.
        If you get one from me and decide you want a different pitch or style, its $35 plus shipping to swap out to something else.

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]


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          Thank you

          My top end might be a little high, it’s been a while since I’ve had to try to outrun a rainstorm.

          I am almost 100% on the rpm though. Because I busted the prop I bought the bought with, it was a hustler 4 blade 15x15 also. After installing the new one I noticed a difference in the rpm. It was around 5900 and jumped up to over 6000-6100. So I back off a little when running wide open so that I don’t go over 6000.

          I am pretty sure Honda uses power tech as an OEM prop and I do care more about bite than top end. The boat is for cruising and dragging kids.

          Do I use your website for purchase?


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            Yep, I got your email.

            Ken Reeves
            [email protected]