DF140A prop question - 4 blade update!

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  • DF140A prop question - 4 blade update!

    I have a 19' Key Largo center console, just repowered from a 125, 25" shaft, 2 stroke Mercury running a Merc Trophy 4 blade 13.75x17, stainless prop. New motor is a Suzuki DF140A, 25" shaft running a 14x18 3 blade stainless prop.
    Boat now is sluggish out of the hole, WOT 6200 rpm 34 mph, trimmed up until prop vents and then come back till it bites. Bow doesn't get the same rise with the new motor. Merc would come out of the hole strong, do 32 mph at WOT and have no trouble trimmed way up.
    New motor height is set right.
    So my question is, can I use the 13.75x17x 4 on the Suzuki with a hub change? Will it give me better low to mid range? Not typically running WOT, more of a cruiser. Just prefer to get up on plane faster.
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    You can use the Mercury hub to put that Trophy Plus on the Suzuki.
    Use the Mercury thrust washer, plastic drive sleeve and aft adapter (part with splines in it) just don't use the mercury prop nut. use the suzuki prop nut and cotter pin.
    Good chance you'll hit the rev limiter with it, but the interesting thing would be to see how it holds the boat.
    Definitely give it a shot.
    (the hub kit for a Suzuki DF140 is the exact same parts as the Mercury, with the exception of the prop nut)

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      Thanks for the prompt reply. I'll give it a try and post up the results. Still in the break in period for the new motor.


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        Ok. Tried the 14x17x3 Suxuki prop, no change coming out of the hole. If anything it was slower. Top end was 33 at 6000. Put the Trophy on, 13.75x17x4. Hole shot is night and day different, up and out now! Top end is 33, but right at the revlimiter, back it down a little. Runs great at 5300, 30 mph, trimmed up the same way I'd run the Merc. With hitting 30 at 5300 no need to push to redline. Bow rise on plane improved, no pulling left or right, steering firm not light. Tight high speed turns it will slip, but so would the other props. Looks like this is gonna be the winner. Might need an extra washer under the prop nut, it is just at the end where the cotter pin will lock it in. Sending it to the local prop shop for a tune up and back to happy boating!
        Hope this helps someone else!
        Thanks for the info!