Need prop recommendation: Ranger Bay 2300 with Yamaha F300 and Atlas 4" Jack

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  • Need prop recommendation: Ranger Bay 2300 with Yamaha F300 and Atlas 4" Jack

    I searched and found nothing on this setup. Any recommendations for overall performance prop and pitch? I have Lenco trim tabs on it. May need to get out of shallows now and then, so I assume stern lift would be a good thing. I plan to have a 4" Atlas jack plate as well. Thanks in advance.

    Boat and Motor specifications below.

    Ranger 2300 Bay
    Length23’ 2”
    Beam8’ 4.5”
    Weight2640 Lbs.
    Maximum HP300 HP
    Fuel Capacity70 Gallons
    Transom Height 24.5”
    96 x 96mm (3.78 x 3.78 in)
    300hp at 5500 rpm
    5000 ~ 6000 rpm
    50 - 70 Amp
    XL - 254 kg (562 lbs)

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    Going though emails on that boat.
    These are the props/numbers that people originally emailed me with. I suggested whatever prop, but don't have any other numbers from them after that.
    3.3L F250, had the HS4 22 pitch, ran 5200 rpm at 39 MPH
    225 Optimax, 17 pitch Mirage Plus, ran 43 on its best day, didn't say what it ran on a "normal" day
    250 SHO 21 pitch Enertia ECO, best day ever 5100 at 51 MPH, "normal day" was 4500 at 43 wide open

    I'd expect high 40's for the boat with an F300 on it.
    The prop I'd recommend assuming you have a jackplate would be a Quicksilver Q4 in 17 pitch.
    Same prop as a Mercury Revolution 4, great all around 4 blade, still fast, gets along with the jackplate well.
    If you can turn 6000 RPM, you'd be getting high 40's, maybe 50 MPH.

    If you get one from me and decide you want a different pitch or style, you can swap out for $35 plus shipping.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      wow, the SHO only got 5100 WOT on the best day? 5100 is not a happy place at WOT for an SHO, am I right? Unless he was trialing his boat loaded, 4500-5100 WOT seems very low.

      I was able to squeeze 5800 and 43mph with the OX66 200HP that I just sold on the Ranger 2300. That is with a Yamaha M-17 prop. Running with only one person, 30 gallons of fuel, and only the starting battery. My boat has a T-Top.
      Click image for larger version

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        Well, those were emails from people coming to me for help. so yes, That isn't a good place for a sho.
        Just trying to get a realistic speed estimate.
        It would appear most are over propped when they come to me, as they must be propping them for a really light load.

        You got 43 MPH with 200 HP, so 300 HP would theoretically run 53 MPH under the same conditions, but you said that was really light as well. So I'd still say high 40's maybe 50 is a realistic number to work with. and I'd still go 17 Q4.

        But for top end speed with 30 gal of fuel, I bet we could put a 19 3 blade Tempest Plus on there, and get mid 50's.

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]


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          this 24’ Skeeter is very close in weight to my ranger. Impressive numbers, but was able to turn 6100 rpm with a 19P and 75gal of fuel.

          Im going to borrow my brother’s 21P Tempest + next week for a baseline.

          Got the 300 installed, just waiting on my Garmin for gauge data.

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            Very curious as to what Prop you decided to go with on this rig. I have a very similar set up as you, and I have tried a few props and still not happy with it. I will be trying another soon, and if it runs well I will let you know. I will say that the Powertech props with the cushion hub are a lot quieter when idling around the dock.

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          let us know how it goes !

          Ken Reeves
          [email protected]


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            Click image for larger version

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            ok, finally got the dash re-done, and had a chance to test, and I think I'm close. With a dealer loaner 19P Saltwater Series Yamaha, WOT was 6100 with 76 gallons of fuel, 3 batteries, and 430 pounds of my son and me. 51MPH was top speed at that RPM. This was max trim and jacked up to 3.5" on the Atlas, just before I started loosing MPH. 3800RPM was the best fuel efficiency at 3.9MPG and 36mph. They have a 22P Yamaha Vmax/SHO prop that I'm curious to try, but they don't have any 21P props to loan right now. Since I was so heavy on the fuel and personnel for the test, I think if I get 5800 or so with the 22P, and don't lose speed, I may be right. Electronics issues in the last month have prevented me from having gauges to read RPM. Estimating 4800 pounds of hull/personnel/motor/fuel/batteries/Welded TTop/rigging/pumps, etc.

            I'm taking my brother's 21P Tempest Plus as soon as I can get the other issues taken care of with my electronics. While installing the fuse panel for my GPS units, they tapped into the positive and negative lugs on my power distribution breaker panel and shorted "something" causing all of my lights and pumps to malfunction.
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              I'd love to see what a 19 Revolution 4 would do.
              Your slip is pretty high with your current numbers. 19 pitch, 6100 RPM at 51 MPH is 19% slip, which is higher then normal.
              if you got a 19 pitch that hooked up strong, it would either drop the RPM or increase the speed one or the other.

              Ken Reeves
              [email protected]


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                Click image for larger version  Name:	QLSI5000[1].JPG Views:	54 Size:	1,002.2 KB ID:	81794 Finally got my boat back from Ranger last weekend. They totally replaced the wiring harness with new wire and connections, new black box, and new keypad. I was able to get a test run done, but I was running heavy. I got a total weight done on the boat, motor, and trailer on the certified scale at the local scrap yard. 5340 is the rig wt. on the scale, so deduct 1155 for the weight of the Ranger Trail 2300T, and it puts me at 4185 with the tank full, 3 batteries, troll motor, and TTop. Add 675# for the 4 people I had on board, and here are the numbers:
                2003 2300 Bay Ranger
                2018 Yamaha F300
                21P Tempest Plus:

                5800RPM - 50.7 MPH - Didn't check MPG Trimmed and Jacked to the highest MPH possible. Worked the jack up past the sweet spot, then dropped it back down to gain from 49.9 to 50.7 MPH
                4500RPM - 42.0 MPH - 3.1 MPG
                4000RPM - 38.0 MPH - 3.3 MPG
                3800RPM - 36.0 MPH - 3.6 MPG
                3500RPM - 33.0 MPH - 3.9 MPG
                3200RPM - 29.6 MPH - 4.1 MPG

                I"m still trying to find a Rev4 21P
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                  I was able to get my hands on a 19P Enertia ECO to test. I should have it in my hands next week.


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                    Anxious to see how the ECO runs.
                    slip numbers are still high for some reason.

                    Ken Reeves
                    [email protected]


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                      Alright, I finally received the Enertia ECO 19P. Today was a short quick test, but I think I got my best numbers so far..

                      5800RPM - 53.0mph 2.0mpg
                      4000 RPM - 39.0mph 3.3mpg
                      3300 RPM - 32.5mph 4.3mpg, but it touched 4.4 every couple of seconds

                      I jacked it once to 5.5 inches and it hit 6000RPM, but lost about 1.7mph. It really liked to cruise and WOT at around 3" on the jack plate. I'm running a 4" atlas.

                      Running weight of 4425 lbs including boat, motor, 70 gallons of fuel, trolling motor, 3 batteries, TTop, and me.

                      Hole shot was impressive, and I was able to stay on plane to 2400RPM and 21mph before I had to turn because the train bridge was down.


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                        sounds like a winner.

                        Ken Reeves
                        [email protected]