Atomix SC600 with yamaha 115

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  • Atomix SC600 with yamaha 115

    Im trying to help a friend find a good prop for his boat.
    Boat is used mainly for fishing, and has a weight off about 1400 - 1500 kg ready to go.
    Allround performance and handling is a higher priority than flat out top speed.
    We tryed a bunch of propellers already, including

    yamaha reliance 13 1/8 x 18p 37 miles at 5200 wot
    Powertech red 3 13,25 x 16p 38 miles at 5500 wot
    yamaha black steel 13 x 17p 39-40 miles at 58-5900 wot
    yamaha black steel 13 1/2 x 16p 37 miles at 6100 wot
    Powertech red 13,25 x 14 38 miles at 6200 wot
    The black yamaha 17p shows good numbers on paper, but it is only good at wot. Midrange sucks at it has very bad grib in turns and rough conditions.
    The owner likes the grip of the reliance but it is obviosly too much prop, and aparently it is not in production any more.
    He really likes the red 3 in 16 pitch, but it is low on revs and the engine seems to strugle a bit.
    Hence he bought the 14 pitch, and revs is right on the money. Only problem is, it seems to have less grip than the 16p?
    Any suggestions here. Althou he was able to return a few off the props, he has quite a lot of money sitting on the shelfe, so hopefully, we are able to nail it with the next purchase.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    have a little cup added to the 14 pitch RED3 he has. cost about 75 bucks, it will give better traction and he should be all set.
    Where are you located?

    Ken Reeves


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      Hi ken.
      First, thank you for this great forum, i spend many nights here reading about propeller theori and actual real world prop testing.
      I here you about cupping the red 14, but we are in Denmark, and only 2 companyes work on props, and they mainly do big ass slow turning brass propellers. I simply dont trust them to do a decent job. On top off that, they want about 190 dollars to do so ..... He rather sell the prop and by a new one. The question is wich one ?


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        Well, the NRS3 is very similar to the RED3, but has more cupping.
        I'd say 15 pitch

        Ken Reeves


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          Sounds good ken. What rpms would you expect out of a 15 pitch? How much is that one from you? and do you ship to denmark?
          I plan on purchasing a prop from you for my own boat as well, but i will make another thread about that. combined shipping of two props?


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            Well, looking at your numbers, you were at 1% slip with both the 14 and 16 RED3.
            I'd expect about the same with the NRS3.
            so I'd actaully go 14 pitch, to hopefully get the same RPM as the RED, but with a little better cupping.

            Its about $125 to ship one to Denmark.
            They actually have to be shipped separately anyways, two of them, the box goes over the limit and the price goes crazy.

            Ken Reeves


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              Sounds good. So about 59-6000 rpm is to be expected due to more cupping? what is the price for the NRS3? Concidering the low slip numbers, is there any point going for a slightly bigger diameter and more cup, as in the ptr?


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                The PTR3 has a little more rake, and would lift the bow more.
                Looking at your numbers, the Painted stainless was the fastest, which is more of a semi cleaver sternlifting prop.
                So I'd just go 14 NRS3
                The hope would be that it will run about the same as the RED3 with less ventilation.
                that prop is 329

                Ken Reeves