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    Howdy to all . Repowered the old girl with a 225 Tohatsu . Realistic weight loaded and full fuel load is approx. 5,200 +/-. Have a 14.25 X 17 stainless tohatsu prop now . Top speed @wot (5700) is 42 mph . Cruise speed (4500+/-) is around 28/30mph . Fuel burn is @ 2.9 / 3.2 gph @ cruise. Looking for suggestions to better my cruise speed and fuel economy and is it worth it to mess the current prop . Not complaining at all just looking to tweek on her a little . The dealer had a 14.25 X 15 P on her originally which gave me 6,000+ rpm / 38mph wot and 4900 rpm cruise @ 29mph which he swapped out for the current prop . Open to suggestions . Thank yall.

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    Your speed is pretty good at 42, Thats about what I'd have expected.
    Slip is a little high, but nothing horrible.
    5700 RPM at 42 MPH, 1.86 gear ratio, your at 15% slip.
    4500 at 29 is 26% slip.

    I would want to try a Quicksilver Q3 16 pitch.
    Good all around 3 blade. Same prop as a Mercury Enertia.
    I will have one available for testing next week.
    If it hooks up well, I'm thinking you might gain a little speed and economy.
    Wouldn't run out and buy one, but would be fun to try.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]