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  • Bentley 243 prop recommendation

    I have a 05 Bentley 243 tritoon with a Honda bf150.
    Got it last year and when trying to pull my kids tubbing ran into trouble with the prop blowing out on turns and such. Top speed was around 24 mph @5500. Played with lowering the motor but just slowed down.b prop was a soles 4 blade 14x 15.
    Thought it was slipping on the hub so I got a 16x13 black Max prop. Toon now runs 28 mph @ 5800.
    ​​with 4 people and coolers I still hit 25 or better. The motor is on the next to the last hole going up.
    pulls the tube great and can hit 23 mph.
    I got this prop just to see if it would help with the tube. Now I'd like to get more speed out of it. Everyone say it should be able to hit 40 mph ?
    Thanks for the help .

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    Ken will be here soon with real expertise, but I knew quite a few with Bennington tri-toons who ran Enertia props on their Honda's with very good results.
    Sanibel FL
    Axopar 28 Cabin, 2 x 200 Merc 3.4L V6


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      I found the cached version of the Yamaha performance report on it.
      They hit 41 MPH with a light load on a cold day with a Yamaha F150

      You have a slightly different gear ratio, but I would suggest a Quicksilver Q3 (same prop as the Mercury Enertia TomS mentioned)
      I really like that prop on a lot of pontoon boats.
      I'd go 14
      If it hooks up strong like it should, it would run high 30's

      Looking back at emails, we've talked about this one before.
      Your slip numbers were always really high regardless of what props you tried!
      you may have some other issues going on.
      Still love to see a picture of that partial toon you have in the center.

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]


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        Thanks Ken ! I must have deleted the old emails as I could not find them. I'll get the boat out of the water Sunday and take some pictures. I must say I'm kinda shocked at how well the 16x13 prop has done. I'd just like a little bit more speed out of it. I've cleaned the toons and even moved my 2nd battery up to the helm this year. I'd like to stay with an aluminum prop as my lake level fluctuate a lot, and my wife likes to drive the boat.


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          Just had a guy last week with a sweetwater. Same thing, lots of slip, had tried 3 props and slip was super high.
          His transducer was mounted right in front of the motor, took it off and it took of and ran just like it was suppose to.
          it doesn't take much to screw up the water flow to the prop, worth checking.

          Ken Reeves
          [email protected]


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            Sorry for the delay . Between work and thunderstorms fun !


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              Motor look up pretty high. could be part of the slip being a little high.
              I dont' see any lifting strakes, that could be part of the speed as well. the same boat with lifting strakes will be a little quicker.
              With aluminum, I dont' really know of anything that is going to do much better.
              Not much of a selection. you may be about as good as its going to get.
              Quicksilver use to make aluminum props with a little extra cup and called them the "pontoon" version.
              dont' think they do that anymore. but maybe Solas or some of the other brands do.

              Ken Reeves
              [email protected]


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                Thanks Ken,
                If I find a cupped prop should I stay with the same diameters and pitch ? I tried lowering the motor and it kills the speed. The boat rides with the front high.


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                  Your not going to have much choice with aluminum.
                  If you find one that has decent cupping and fits that motor, the diameter is what it is.

                  Ken Reeves
                  [email protected]