SeaCraft Tsunami Seeking Prop Advice

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  • SeaCraft Tsunami Seeking Prop Advice

    Hello Ken,

    Seeking some prop upgrade advice -

    I just purchased a 1974 Seacraft Tsunami, currently powered by a 1989 Mercruiser 260/5.7L 350 MAG, and a 1989 R/MR Alpha One Sterndrive 1.50:1 (WOT 4200-4600).

    After a tune-up, the boat is running well. Good balance, easy plane, hoping for a better cruise and top speed from this 5.7. Maybe I need to wet sand the hull!

    With a 17P Michigan Wheel aluminum prop, I am running the following stats:

    1500 RPM / 12mph plane
    2500 RPM / 21mph
    3000 RPM / 27mph
    4000 RPM / 36mph WOT

    I'm planning to pick up a new prop, use the existing as a backup.

    Could the boat handle a 17 or 19 Mirage? Or should I get a 15? Any other suggestions?

    Typically run outboards, so this is new for me.

    Thanks in advance!


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    I'd suggest a Quicksilver Q3.
    Same prop as a Mercury Enertia.
    I'd go 15 x 15.
    will accelerate stronger, and likely pick up some top end also.
    They cost $569 from me. plus 45 for a hub kit. or if you bought a hub for that michigan wheel, you can use that hub, they are interchangeable.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]