Powertech OFS 15 pitch vs. 16 pitch.

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  • Powertech OFS 15 pitch vs. 16 pitch.

    Just put ofs 4 15 pitch on my f250 w/ 1.75 gear ratio on my 23' CC. Looking for stern lift. Prior prop 3 blade SWS II 15 pitch. New prop marginally better. Does get on plane a tad faster, but still cannot maintain plane below 20 mph. W/ new prop, light, and raising up motor while underway, I can reach 6k/6100 RPM, about 44/45 MPH. Can cruise at 3600 RPM at 25/26 mph, 8.5 GPH. Will 16 pitch ofs 4 give me noticeable stern lift vs. 15 pitch? Or am I as good as she is gonna get?

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    16 would change the RPM. You would turn 250-300 RPM less at any speed.
    but the amount of sternlift would be the same.

    Might check your engine height and make sure the motor isn't too low.
    getting the height on the transom correct, somtimes helps with the boat staying on plane at slower speeds.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]