Michigan wheel 17 repitched to 15.

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  • Michigan wheel 17 repitched to 15.

    Hey Ken, when my 115 Mercury 2+2 wasn't running the best I had the prop repitched to 15 from 17.

    Now that it is running correctly and turning 5200 which is this motors max I'm now comfortable woth recupping as that is what my prop guy said he would do.
    For free by the way, Blair propeller in Stuart.
    The max rpm sounds low but that is where Mercury placed it do to being an unbalanced 4 cylinder so it's not lugging!

    I spoke with Blair about a new 15 pitch and said don't bother, he repitched my 17 to a 15 and just said recently to bring it in and I'll cup it up just a little and then tell me how it works.

    I'm taking him up on his offer, just not gotten it to him yet.

    Being this professional with me makes me want to go no where else, what say you!


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    Note! The boat is 2800 lbs in water, 20 degree V, 18 ft.
    The gps speed was 33.5 max trim at 5200!
    Hope this helps, it's a lot of boat for a 115 which is why I run this low of a pitch.
    Jumps on plane quick with this combo, remember this is the strange 4 cylinder, 2 stroke which idles on top 2 cylinders then at 1800 + rpm the bottom 2 kick in with an accelerator pump which gets it on plane quickly.

    Any more info just ask.
    Kevin, the real BWP.


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      Hey Ken, it's a CC, no T-top.
      Almost 8 ft beam.
      Hope this helps.


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        so 5200 RPM and 33.5 MPH sounds like perfect RPM.
        is that after he repitched it ?
        now he's going to add a little cup?
        just making sure I understand it right.
        Glad to hear he has done great work !

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]


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          1. Yessss!
          2. Yes.
          3. Yes.
          4. You have it!
          5. Thanks, he apparently represents how marine service should be, kind of makes me want to utilize him for all local prop work.

          Blair Propeller is who it it. A big shout out to him, and you Ken for offering your professional services to BOB membership.



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            Ken thanks, I ended up buying a 15 pitch Michigan wheel and lightly loaded exceeded 5300 rpm at 32 mph, spoke wth Bair propeller about it and they recommended absolutely nothing!
            He said that's as good as it gets with aluminum on a 2800 hull with a 115, I TRUST HIM!
            Thanks as usual Ken, 1 more question, my speed vs rpm is about 2, as in 25 mph is 4500 and 32 mph is 5200 or there abouts.
            My limited knowledge says that's close to perfect for my needs.

            Oh yeah, a 15 pitch has slightly higher diameter, it felt as it grabbed better rhan a 17 repitched fo 15.
            Again Blair prop agreed with this assessment, said the root stays the same and outer blade is what changed.

            Hope this last part made sense?


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              yes, sounds good.
              your at 10% slip at wide open.
              20% slip at slower cruise, which is fairly normal. I think your set.

              Ken Reeves
              [email protected]