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  • Prop for a no so odd combo?......

    Greetings! Noob to the forum here, looking for some prop advice.

    This combo has had some heads scratching.......I have a 2018 Nautic star 1810 bay, Yamaha 4 stroke SHO 115, trim tabs ( which i usually only use in the salt), I usually fish ( fresh and salt), usually run 2 people with avg gear, Ice etc.

    I am currently running a 13.5 x 16p yamaha aluminum talon. Performance all around is good, grips well in the turns, hole shot is about 4 sec, max rpm is 6100,max, Mph is 42 and trim is usable.
    There is no yamaha performance bulletin avail for the boat with a 115 ( let alone a sho, only with the std. 90)

    I have run the following props as well, the current yamaha being the best :

    A 17P turning point SS 3 blade, the boat will barely get out of the hole, about 5800 max rpm with full trim.

    A 17p 4 blade Turning point SS, hole shot is ok, about 6 sec. max rpm 6000, boat will porpoise with trim, holds plane at about 3500, max mph 41.

    And I have tried a 15p Turning point 4 blade alum, hole shot is instant , but the I blow the prop out pretty much after it is on plane or with any trim. I tried it one outing and took it off, definatly slower as it just slips through most of the rpm range.

    Is the Talon I'm currently running about the best I can expect? Any benefit to running a SS Talon of the same pitch or other SS prop ( I know you guys like Power Tech) ? and if so what would you recommend? I'm happy with the all around performance, a little more top end would be nice, and who doesn't like a great hole shot? Much thanks in advance!!

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    also no jack plate or setback on my combo, mounted on the 2nd hole down from the top i believe.


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      Powertech has the PRO3 which is very similar to the Yamaha Performance series.
      If anything was going to have good traction and maybe gain a couple MPH, that would be my bet.
      I'd go 17 pitch.
      They cost $329 from me, if you get one and decide you want a different pitch or style, you can swap out for $35 plus shipping.

      Ken Reeves


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        Cool! Thank you ! That's a great price as well! I had a bet you would recommend the SCD3 16p. The PRO3 is pretty new I think. Let me see what the bank acct says.....