Prop Advice: 08 Regulator 30' EX

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  • Prop Advice: 08 Regulator 30' EX

    Engines: 350hp Yamaha Four Strokes

    Boat currently has 15.5 x 17 SS Yamaha Saltwater Series XL (installed by PO):
    4300 RPM approx 30 mph/37-39 GPH (according to Yamaha gauages)
    5800 RPM WOT 44 mph

    Factory fresh the boat had 15.5 x 21 SS Yamaha Saltwater Series XL (all stats per Yamaha Performance Bulletin):
    4500 RPM 40.1 mph/33 GPH
    6050 RPM 56.9 mph/68.9 GPH
    *A buddy owns the identical boat with 21s. He just called to say it runs 5700-5800 RPM @ WOT and 40 mph @ 4400 RPM

    What brand/size props should the boat use to run optimally (understand this is subjective)? I do not like the 15.5 x 17s that are currently installed.
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    Are you trimming the motors up once on plane?
    Where do you have the tabs while running?

    Does the boat ride bow high currently?

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]