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    Was a fairly new Rev 4. Friend purchased about 2 months ago off eBay brand new for his Epic. Let me use it to test in local lake.
    I don’t mind buying a prop. Or buying a prop and seeing if Rich can take that prop and dail it in. Thinking that route. Looking at a smaller pitch prop and if rev’s to high. Adding cup to bring it back down and have some bite on the plate.

    any other ideals on a Mercury prop?

    will be unavailable to run a prop for three weekends. As soon as I get back. I’ll get with you Ken on trying a ECO 17p. Thank you.
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      sounds like a plan

      Ken Reeves


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        Ken, never heard it you got the ECO 17 back from the loan out. Local dealer had one and it was snapper season. I went with gut and purchased.

        My my results were good and would like your opinion on Rich tinkering with it at Leading Edge.

        Test results the Mercury Enertia ECO 17
        49 mph @ 6100 rpm 1.8 mpg
        40 mph @ 4600 rpm 2.7 mpg

        Robalo Cayman 226 with 250 SHO

        Really happy with take off. This was fully loaded with a half tank fuel. Gear, 2 people, 8 very large snapper and 80 pounds of ice. More weight then I been testing with.

        Pondering to send to Rich at Leading Edge. Thinking I should had gone more pitch. Should had went with 18 or 19 and had it back cut, added cup and picked up some RPMs with Rich’s handy work?

        Over all, real pleased with results and prop.

        Calculating 12.66% prop slip.


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          little more slip then I would have expected. I'd probably just have him add a little cup to that one and make it hook up a little stronger.

          Ken Reeves