'05 Yam F225 on '96 232 Mako - prop help

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  • '05 Yam F225 on '96 232 Mako - prop help

    Hey all, I repowered my 1996 232 from a ox66 225 to the four stoke. New power head and mid section, motor runs great, once I got the VSR filter clean - and now running ring free thru it religiously (the motor sat on its side for awhile and got all gummed up).

    Problem: Can only get to 49-5000 RPM at 39mph WOT with a 15.5x17 saltwater series II wheel - I had been told before a 15-3/4x15 was best for my old setup, but since I had the 17p figured Id try it.

    Right before the motor switch, I had the transom rebuilt, a larger tub bracket made (armstrong) and mounted as low as it would go. I am thinking of bumpin the motor up a hole - I have a video of the boat running (where the anti-cav plate running) I will try to upload it.

    The boat is heavy - 165gal fuel, 20 gal water, dive/fish equip, at least 3-5 people most all times.

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        Sorry the video wouldn’t upload.


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          What GPS speed did you use to get with your OX66 at wide open ?

          Looking through emails, last guy I had with an F250 was only running 42.
          So if we assume high 30's is all its going to run with the 225, you might want to try a 15 pitch and see what happens.

          I do have a Mirage Plus 15 3/4 x 15 test prop available.

          Ken Reeves