Contender 25 open(28')yam 200 prop help

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  • Contender 25 open(28')yam 200 prop help

    Repowering w/Yamaha 200 in-line 4's...2000 Contender 25 open. looking for prop suggestions for best cruise speed and economy, not that interested in top end. I have seen the Reliance sds in various pitches get decent numbers, while some with Merc Ecos, Mirage and one other that I don't recall were claiming to get a bit better. Any real world advice would be greatly appreciated. Boat has factory coffin box mounted forward if that bit of weight makes a difference? Thanks for the help.

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    If you load up heavy, 17 pitch Standard Mercury Enertia's would do well.
    If you just load normal, 19 Standard Enertia's would work well.
    Have done a couple 25 Open, and Competition 25's and the 19 Enertia's are normally the ones.

    I have them available for testing.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]