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    I've got a friend who has a set of Bravo One 4 blades (22 pitch) that he runs on Verado 300's. I want to try them on my Suzuki 200's. Can't the Mercs and the Suzuki run the same props, same spline? If so, would I need different thrust washers? Thanks!

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    Yes, you would need different thrust washers and aft adapter. Your spline is longer.

    The hub kit you need is a Michigan Wheel #204
    I like those better then the Quicksilver hub kit for Suzuki.

    Ken Reeves


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      Got it. So I would have to change out the hub to use them. They wouldn't slide on as is?


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        The black plastic piece that is in the prop would be the same, but you would need a different thrust washer (big washer that goes on before the propeller), and different aft adapter. (splined part)

        Correct, you can't just slide them on as is.
        The spline is the same, but your prop shaft is longer. and you don't have the correct thrust washer.
        His thrust washer won't fit on your prop shaft, and your thrust washser won't fit up to the prop.

        Ken Reeves