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  • Prop Choice For 19' Sea Skiff

    I bought a new 19' Sea Skiff made by Carolina Skiff, running a 2016 Suzuki 115hp. With my normal load I am not getting optimum performance with the current prop. It is a Suzuki prop stamped 13Rx14x19. As I am trimming up I can easily hit 6500 RPM and still have some trim and throttle left. Anybody have any suggestions what to go with next in the trial and error stage. Thanks!

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    Is the rev limiter kicking in at 6500? or are you just not allowing it to go further?
    What GPS speed are you getting at 6500 ?

    got a jackplate on the boat?

    Ken Reeves


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      No Jack plate GPS says about 38mph, it does not hit rev limiter. Out of curiosity the other day I trimmed my motor up and ran wide open and hit 6900 on my tach and never hit the limiter which concerned me. So I bought the interface cable and have got it hooked up now to get a true RPM reading from motor on my lowrance. I am no expert but figured with my normal load at WOT I would want to be somewhere in the 5700-5900 RPM range. Boat also starts to porpoise which makes me think I may need to raise motor a notch also.


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        I was thinking the same thing, wondering if the tach was giving a correct reading.

        I like the Powertech RXB4 on that style boat.
        It gives decent sternlift, still fast, and normally has great bite.
        The LNR4 is a larger diameter 4 blade, that is more sternlifting, also good.

        I think a 20 pitch RXB4 would be my first choice if we think that boat is going to run around 40 MPH

        Ken Reeves