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    2017 Mako Pro Skiff 21 with a 2018 Mercury four stroke only getting 5400 rpms at WOT. Prop now is a Enertia 14.7x16p
    Looking for a prop to gain rpms and top end speed.

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    got your email.
    but I'll put it here to update this thread.
    You said you couldn't trim up much at all without the boat porpoising.

    If your not able to trim up without porpoising, I believe the speed.
    Might also check your engine height.
    can't tell from their pictures in the performance report.

    Here is a link with some pictures of what to look for on engine height.
    Get up to 30-35 MPH and look at the motor in the water flow.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]