Fountain 23 CC and Enertia Eco?

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  • Fountain 23 CC and Enertia Eco?

    Has anyone ran the Enertia Eco on a fountain 23 cc? I am looking at an older one that is running a Rev 4 and does need to use tab on sub 38 mph slick water to eliminate porpoising. Didn't know if dropping pitch and going to the eco would be a good fix. FYI, it's a merc 300 xs.

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    Clarification, this is the non stepped version of the hull, labeled the 25 in late nineties.


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      I have ran a lot of props on that boat. it does have a tendency to porpoise regardless of prop.

      Last time I had two guys with a 25 Fountain, both had 350 Verado's.
      Both ran 52 MPH and 6200 RPM with the 18 pitch Mercury Enertia.
      tried 17, 18, and 19.
      Local guy also tried the Rev 4, liked the ECO better.

      That was with the big Verado gearcase. and those are the only 23/25 Fountains I've ran since the ECO came out.
      Both those guys said it rode and handled better with the ECO.

      I think you will like the ECO better then the Rev 4, although I don't know if its going to be a HUGE difference or not.
      for $30 plus shipping you can try it out.

      What GPS speed and RPM are you getting with your Revolution 4 at wide open?
      I expect a little less slip with the ECO, so probably end up dropping down in pitch

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]


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        Seller says he's getting 55 with the 19 rev 4 and I believe he has gone to the verado lower unit due to problems with the stock. I don't have the RPM for that and haven't verified for myself.


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          Well, I think the ECO would do well.
          "Mr Demeanor" on THT had one. He tried every engine mounting position, moved batteries forward to the console.
          Motor up pretty high and batteries moved forward helped a bit with the porpoising.
          The ECO prop would probably do pretty well, but it will be a subtle difference. The Rev 4 that it has isn't a bad prop for sure.

          Ken Reeves
          [email protected]