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    Hello - I'm looking for a little help / advice on the props I'm running. I'm new to the forum so if I'm missing any data below please let me know and I can provide it.

    I had a Young 27 built with twin Mercury 225's, the new V6 four strokes. The boat weighs about 8500lbs fully rigged and is about 27 1/2 feet long. Half tower as well -

    The motors were rigged with Powertech props and the pitch was 17, top speed was 47mph turning 6028 rpms 1.24 burn. 39 cruise was 4922 rpm's and 1.44 burn. I upgraded to Mercury Mirage props with a 19 pitch and the performance went way up. Top speed is now 54mph but I'm still turning almost 6,000 rpms and the burn is 1.33, at 38-40 cruise I'm turning 4500 rpm's and the burn is between 1.9 and 2.0.

    The hole shot with the 17 pitch was crazy fast and with the 19's seems about right. All three blade props BTW.

    My question is, do you think there is any room for improvement on top speed or cruise performance? The preference would be cruise performance but if it went faster I would be totally okay with that too.

    Appreciate any feedback!

    Thanks, Rob
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    You might try mercury enertia eco props if your looking for better cruise numbers. Seem to work well for me. I'd try 17p as they seem to be heavy on pitch.


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      Ok, RPM range 5200-6000 1.85 gear ratio
      your turning just under 6000 at 54 MPH, so your at 7% slip at wide open which is fantastic
      4500 RPM at 39 MPH is 11% slip, which is also great.

      Those numbers really sound great honestly.
      As Manitunc mentioned, the ECO's would be interesting to try. There is a chance they may get a little better cruise economy.
      But the improvement may be very small.

      We could try a set of 18's and see what it does.

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]


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        Thanks for the feedback. Looks like I'm pretty close to where I need to be.