Prop choice for a Yammie F225

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  • Prop choice for a Yammie F225

    Hi There,

    I’m after some advice re a better prop choice for my boat.

    The motor is a Yammie F225 4.2. Current prop is 15 ½ x 17 Pitch Saltwater Series II. The boat is a Southern Sports 676 Alloy Hardtop. It’s a Kiwi boat.
    Boat is approx. 23 ft and Total weight with normal load (3-4ppl), fuel gear etc is approx. 5000lbs.

    At WOT I’m getting 43 MPH ish at approx. 53000RPM. At cruise at 3800RPM I’m doing roughly 31mph.

    I would like to get the WOT RPM Higher – which I know is a simple fix by swapping to a lower pitch. I have already had the motor raised a hole which did give me a few more revs, and improved hole shot BUT it now has a tendancy to ventilate, even when trimmed in hard, particularly in rough conditions or a following sea.

    The issue I have is that at lower cruise RPMs say between 3200 and 3600 (approx. 24-28mph), the boat is lagging and rides very bow high, effectively dragging its backside. At 3800rpm upwards the boat is a different beast and rides beautifully. The problem I have is that the conditions I fish in are quite often pretty rough and its not possible to drive at those higher speeds.

    Can anyone suggest a smaller pitch prop that will provide more stern lift and help keep/get the boat up on the plane better at lower rpms? I already have trim tabs and I dont want to fit a permatrim.

    The dealer is reluctant for me to use a 4 Blade prop…

    Any suggestions?

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    for a prop that would do what your asking, I'd go with a Powertech OFS4.
    Its a 15 1/4 x 15 four blade from Powertech.
    Would give you more RPM, stronger acceleration and more sternlift.

    If you want sternlift without changing a prop, get bigger trim tabs.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      Hi Ken - thanks for that info.

      Struggling to get a suitable 4 blader over here (NZ). From your experience which of the 3 blade props (yammie etc) provide more sternlift than others?


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        Yamaha doesn't really have a lot of props to choose from.
        The Saltwater series, big diameter classic 3 blade.
        and the Reliance, small diameter made for the 4 cylinder 4 strokes.
        and the Painted stainless prop.

        Of those, I'd go with the Saltwater Series.
        Its not really sternlifting, but it would have better traction and lift then the other two choices.

        The Turbo and Offshore props mentioned on their website were made by Turbo, and as far as I know, they have not been available for a few years, and probably won't be anytime soon.

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]