Salt Water Series SWSII - adjusting pitch adding cup

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  • Salt Water Series SWSII - adjusting pitch adding cup

    Can someone confirm that a prop shop can +/- pitch at least 1" on a SWSII prop? Also has anyone added cup to a SWII? If so why did you add cup and what were the results? Did it add much bow lift? Decrease ventilation in turns and when trimmed out?

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    I use Rich Junker at
    he does great work. hard to reach on the phone, but very good work.
    Tim at is another good one.

    If they add cup out toward the tips, it can give more bowlift if that is what your shooting for.
    Can also help with ventilation.

    They can cup the blades in different areas for different effects.
    I'd suggest telling them what your prop is doing, and what your desired results are.
    They have a lot of different modifications they can do, cup and pitch is just part of it, let them tell you what they suggest.

    Ken Reeves


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      Thanks Ken. Definitely not looking for bow lift. Hoping to get a SWII to grip a bit better in turns and maybe hold plane at a lower speed. I assume added cup does not always lower RPM a bit at WOT?


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        Cup will almost always drop RPM.

        However there are certain situations it won't drop RPM.
        Main one I think of is when the prop has no traction and you can't trim up without ventilation. So you have cup added, which gives you traction.
        Now you can trim up more without ventilation, the boat goes faster, and you keep or even gain RPM.

        Ken Reeves