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  • 23t contender prop help

    Just repowered with twin 2016 Suzuki 200s. Need help with prop selection. I’ve read that these motors have issues cavatating but 4 blade props help. Looking for more insight. I fish commercially offshore so good fuel economy would be a plus. Thanks in advance

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    Got any props on there currently? how are they doing? What RPM and GPS speed at wide open? (with the boat loaded up however you actually run it)

    The two main ones I would be choosing between is the Mercury Enertia ECO, (big 3 blade, normally has better traction then the Suzuki 3 blade, and also gets very good economy)
    And the Poweretech LFS4. big 16 inch diameter 4 blade. the only people that make one that big. Good all around prop, gives good sternlift and traction.

    If you cruise at slower speeds most of the time, the LFS4 will be hard to beat. For just normal cruising the ECO is normally the winner.

    But your current props may be fine.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]