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  • Blue Wave 22 Pure Bay prop advice

    Ken, I recently purchased a 2016 22 Pure Bay with a DF175. It came propped with a 3x16x23 Suzuki stainless. Motor will presently turn 5300 RPM. I have a 3x16x21.5 to try, but I think that will still be too much pitch. I also have a 21P Mirage plus off of a 4.2L F225, but I don't know if it will work on a Suzuki. Do you have a recommendation for this application?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    What GPS speed are you getting at wide open with your 23 ?

    I'd definitely try the 21.5 just cause you have it.
    The Mirage probably wouldn't be my first choice, but you have it, so you might as well run it, it may surprise us.
    Just need a hub kit. I like the Michigan Wheel #204 hub kit for putting a Mercury prop on a Suzuki.

    suzuki's numbers.
    DF175 claim 54 MPH
    DF150 claim 50

    Do you load up heavy with people, fuel and gear?
    got a Ttop ?
    Jackplate ?
    More interested in top end, or trying to get up in shallow water, or something else ?

    Ken Reeves


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      Thank you for your reply Ken. I very much appreciate your time and expertise. GPS top speed I don't recall because top speed is not really a priority, but I think it was around 47mph. Definitely wasn't in the 50's. Getting up in shallow water and an economical/efficient cruise are more important. The boat will be loaded heavy (5 people) at times. No T top, yes jack plate. Tried a 3x16x20 Zuke prop yesterday with 1 person and a full fuel load- motor turned 6200 easy, and the cruise dropped significantly. 4000 rpms was 33-34 mph with 23 pitch. Dropped to 31 @ 4k with 20 pitch. Going to try the 3x16x21.5 tomorrow. The 21 Mirage is my back-up prop for another Yamaha powered boat, so I don't want to re-hub it. I'll post what I learn from the 21.5 test hopefully tomorrow...


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        Sounds good.
        If your able, choose a cruise speed you like, and test the props at that speed. If you like 34, run 34.
        compare the fuel burn at the same speed.

        The lower pitch prop will turn more RPM at the same speed, but we are more interested in what the fuel burn is at that speed.

        Ken Reeves


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          3x16x21.5 max rpm was 6k. 4000rpm cruise 33mph. 6000rpm 48mph. Decent getting up, but not a rocket. May try smaller diameter to investigate better holeshot.


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            Well, I'd want to try a 23 pitch OFX3

            Ken Reeves